• What will Perfexion Events be responsible for ?
    We consult, plan, design and co-ordinate all areas of the wedding. From venue selection, decor, styling, catering, artists and celebrity management to travel & logistics, wedding invites, trousseau shopping and much more - we can do it all with utmost perfexion !
  • Would hiring Perfexion Events, for wedding planning services work out to be expensive for me?
    It's a myth that a wedding planner is expensive! Our services are customized to match your budget. Our extensive vendor network and relationships ensures that you get the best deals to suit your budget. With the benefits and savings in terms of time, money and effort that you will make, you can well recover the expense of hiring us.We justify what we charge.
  • If I choose Jodhpur or any other place as my wedding destination staying out station, can Perfexion Events co-ordinate the same ?
    Most definitely ! We communicate regularly with the couple and their parents online and over the phone / email and keep them informed about every detail. We ensure a memorable wedding, carefully incorporating all their ideas & needs. We will be available 24x7 to run through ideas and discuss plans throughout the planning stages.
  • If I live outside of India, can Perfexion Events plan and co-ordinate my wedding?
    Most definitely! We communicate regularly with the couple online and over the phone/email and keep them informed about every detail and ensure a memorable wedding. We will be available to you to run through ideas and discuss plans throughout the planning stages.
  • Do you provide services only for a particular wedding function?
    We can provide services for all the wedding events like engagement ceremony, bachelors, mehndi, sangeet, traditional Geet, wedding reception, royal barat procession etc. It all depends upon your requirements and itinerary.
  • How does Perfexion Events charge for it's wedding planning services?
    We charge a one-time professional planning fee. Our initial consultation is free of charge. We then understand your requirements and budget and create a customized proposal depending upon the services you would like to avail from us.It all depends on the size of the wedding.
  • Can you work within my budget?
    Of course. That’s our job and we like to explore all the ways to fulfil your expectations within your budget. Towards the beginning of planning process we advice an estimate/approx idea of cost according to your needs along with possible destinations and venues. Upon receiving an idea of your budget, we start working on more precise and detailed quotations. We design a package which is all inclusive keeping the hidden cost to none.
  • How can we trust your services?
    We confirm and re-confirm every detail with you. Once you have agreed to our proposal, we send you a wedding agreement contract which protects both your interests and ours. We have no hidden fees or commissions or extras on top of our quotation. We believe in honest and transparent working.
  • Do you have references, or other past clients that we can speak with before we commit to booking you ?
    Of course. Our testimonials should provide reassurance to anyone considering hiring us their wedding planner. However, if you would prefer to speak to a past client that can be arranged for you without hesitation.
  • How would site visits and venue selection be handled?
    We shall help you in short listing the destination as per the season, budget and availability. We shall demonstrate the venues and and locations by pictures in case you don't plan to visit the destination yourself. And if you do, then we shall help you in organizing the show around tour once the venue is finalized. In the later stages our team shall make the site visits to oversee and implement the matters agreed to.
  • When is the best time of year to get married in India?
    Although we can organise weddings round the year, however September to April – is the preferred time to get married in India because of good & pleasant weather.
  • When do you suggest we start to plan our wedding in India?
    We suggest you start planning your wedding in India 4-6 months in advance. The first stage is to select a venue and lock the date as many places get booked well in advance due to their popularity with foreigners and Indians. We can arrange a wedding in as little as 2 months but in these cases there will be a limited selection of venues to choose from especially if you are a large group of people.

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